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Welcome to World Museum Project!World Museum Online

World Museum Project is a world-wide network of people interested in collaborating across cultural and generational boundaries, to create something meaningful for everyone involved.  In the process, we hope to broaden our visions and heighten our passions.  For more details, please see What is World Museum? or contact or on our facebook page.

Recent activities can be found in World Museum Blog.  If you have any World Museum activities, such as Scratch projects, workshops, etc., please post them there.


(The projects marked as ONLINE are open for online participation!!  See World Museum Online for details.)

 Women of the World in Nagoya, Concert NEW!! Workshop and Concert with Women of the World. We will collaborate with Women of the World in a workshop and concert in Nagoya, Japan, on March 23, 2015, as a part of their Japan Concert Tour!
  NEW!! World Makers Project (May, 2014) For the Aichi Gathering Scratch Day 2014, we invite project partners in the World Museum to share a Scratch project showing the process of making something in your region.
Workshop/Concert at BCM 2014  Workshop and Concert with Women of the World, at the Boston Children's Museum, Aug 2014. We collaborated with theree wonderful singers from Women of the World to create music together with children and parents in Boston. We also shared a special video version of the World Music Project in which children from many countries contributed their music.
World Music Project 2013 On-going World Music Project (June, 2013 -) Fly around the world with the mouse and enjoy listening to music from different places.
 Aichi Children's Center World Museum Scratch Day 2013
 CANVAS Workshop Collection 8 CANVAS Workshop Collection (March, 2013)  In this big event in Yokohama in which 100,000 kids are expected, we will connect our workshop with the World Museum partners around the world.

On-Going!! World Community Project (Sept, 2012-) trying to build a world community by connecting local communities around the world, starting with Toyota, Japan.

 Christmas Tree Project, Dec, 2012

Christmas Project 2012 (Dec, 2012) US and Japanese students collaborated again to celebrate Christmas.

World Dot Project, Sept, 2012 World Dot Project (Sept, 2012) as a part of the International Dot Day. ONLINE
World Children's Museum 2012 World Children's Museum (July, 2012) at The Boston Chidren's Museum.  We shared Museum experiences with friends in the World. (blog)
World Friends on Tour, 2012 World Friends on Tour  (June, 2012): Friends around the world show and tell each other about interesting places in the cities and countries they live in. ONLINE
Scratch Birthday Project, 2012  World Scratch Birthday Project (May, 2012): People around the world celebrate the 5th birthday of Scratch by sharing messages to Scratch, on the Scratch Day.
World Lunchbox Project, May 2012 World Lunchbox Project (Sept, 2012): People share their favorite foods from around the world. ONLINE
World Friends Project, April, 2012  World Friends Project (Feb-May, 2012): People around the world meet and make friends in this project. ONLINE
 Christmas Tree Project, Dec, 2011 Christmas Tree Project (Dec, 2011): Children in Japan and in the US created Christmas tree animations.
 Kids Guernica Project, 2011 Kids Guernica Animation Project (Oct-Nov, 2011): Children in Japan and the US collaborated to create an animation based on a Kids' Guernica Mural painted by Japanese and American children.
  United Nations Environmental Poster Animation Project (May-July, 2011): Children and students in Aichi created animations based on posters painted by many children around the world. (Gallery)

Partners (years they joined)

world museum partners map

  • 2010: Chukyo University (Toyota, Japan), Jackson School (Boston, USA), Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts (Kyoto, Japan), Tsuda College (Tokyo, Japan), Chiba Institute of Technology (Chiba, Japan), Sugiyama Jogakuenn University (Nagoya, Japan), Ohnoda Elementary School (Sendai, Japan), Hand-made play circle (Toyota, Japan), Toyota Lifelong Learning Center (Toyota, Japan), Ehlenhot Mongolian School (Inner-Mongolia, China)
  • 2011-: Nishihomi Elementary School(Toyota, Japan), Toyota Hands-on Museum (Toyota, Japan), Scratch Onohara (Osaka, Japan), World Family Studio (Aichi, Japan), Powerhouse Museum (Sydney, Australia)
  • 2012-: LEAD (Hong Kong), Future University Hakodate (Hakodate, Japan), C.R.A Laguna de Pétrola (PÉTROLA, Spain), Republic of Mordovia (Russia), Athens (Greece), Boston Children's Museum (USA), Quezon City (Phillipines), Hawksdale (Australia), Kaohsiung (Taiwan), La Lima Cortes (Honduras), and more..

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