Lingerie Football League Brawl: Benches lingerie manufacturer china Clear During A Contest Between Orlando And Baltimore (VIDEO)

With a name underwear manufacturer china like the Lingerie Football League fans might mistakenly think of soft frilly cotton or silky satin. They'll likely also think of beautiful women.


The LLF has one of those things in abundance. wholesale bikinis The female players are young, extremely physically fit and scantily clad. But make no mistake, there appears to be nothing soft in this video of a brawl during a game between the Orlando Fantasy and the Baltimore Charm.

Of Wholesale Corset course, WWE wrestlers always seem to really dislike one another.

After another fight broke out during an LFL game in 2010, a post at The Big Lead asked readers to weigh in on whether or not the fisticuffs were staged. While there may be some who believe that some of the action is staged and many who believe that the entire enterprise is in poor taste, it is hard to doubt the effort put forth by the combatants.

In fact, one of the controversies surrounding the league involved claims that players were not properly compensated after suffering serious injury during play. Former Seattle Mist quarterback Natasha Lindsey went public with claims that the league did not adequately cover her medical bills after she suffered a torn ACL while playing.

The league, which recently expanded to Canada, was founded in 2009, now has 12 total teams that each play four games. Many of the women participating were collegiate athletes of some stripe but few had access to organized, full-contact football.