Outlook is fast mailing service. We can use outlook for business purpose and home purpose. Outlook has advance features to make it better than other mailing service. Users are using outlook for sharing calendar, event, and note making for business purpose. When we send an email to another mail address and send important files and images, videos. You can create a signature in email. But your message is secure or not. Anyone can easily copy of your message and steals your personal information like banking details, account details, username and password.

You can create digital signature in outlook. Digital signature provides verification of sender. Your information is secure in digital signature. When you send a digital signature message in outlook your message is converted into coded form. Digital id includes public key, unique digital mark.

Steps relate create digital signature in outlook:-
•Open your outlook account and open the message.

•Choose options tab and select permission group. Select sign message option.

•If sign message option is not appearing then select more options group.

•Choose security setting options and choose add digital signature to this message.

•Select OK options and close .your digital signature is created.

•If sing message is not appearing the one method to create digital ID.

•Choose file menu and select option and then trust center.

•You can see Microsoft outlook trust center section in which you choose trust center setting option and then email security options.
•Select import or export digital ID form list of services. Type your message and send to exact mail address.

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