The schools are starting in many places in the world, and many teachers and students who have been involved in World Museum are probably thinking of new ideas for next steps for our collaboration.  We can exchange those ideas here and develop some new paths for expanding our visions and passions further, and at the same time opening the paths for our new partners who have joined recently or are thinking of joining.

I would like to share my plan, hoping that other schools will be interested in developing the ideas for collaboration.  As always, we have a new generation of students starting the World Museum experiences anew, so I thought it would be useful to have a set of projects that is designed to introduce the new students to World Museum. 

The following is a 4-phase plan designed to expand the students' vision and passion from (1) the individuals, (2) to the daily lives, (3) to their own communities, and finally (4) to the international community that we are all constructing.  At each of the four phases, we will create a large animation based on Scratch incorporating sprites or projects created by students in partner schools.

  1. Focus on individual expression (based on World Friends Project): each student will create a sprite expressing her/himself, with a costume(s) and texts illustrating her/his favorite activity.
  2. Focus on daily lives and/or families (based on World Lunchbox Project): each student will create a sprite explaining her/his favorite food in her/his family.
  3. Focus on the communities, e.g., schools/cities/countries (based on World Friends on Tour Project): the students from each school will create a project introducing their school, city, or country to the partners in the world.
  4. Focus on the international community (Inter-school collaboration): inter-school teams will work on projects on themes that are meaningful for all the communities involved.