Our next project in World Museum is "World Dots Project" as a part of the International Dot Day (see the description and the link below).  People around the world will collaborate by making many dots for the International Dot Day.

  • Every year on September 15, innovative educators around the world celebrate International Dot Day by making time to encourage their students’ creativity. After the last International Dot Day, we were overwhelmed by wonderful stories about the “outside-the-box” activities educators invented for their students. September 15th will be here before you know it — this year, we encourage even more kids and grown-up kids to “make their mark” in new and exciting ways! (From FableVision homepage about the International Dot Day)

In the World Dot Project we have been creating a large animation based on Scratch, which include dot contributions from: The Boston Children’s Museum; Children's and Youth Educational Free Time Center in Riga, Latvia; Hawkesdale P12 College in Victoria, AU; Forrest Hill School in Auckland, NZ; Aichi, Japan; SAV School, Bhaktapur, Nepal; Jackson School, Newton, MA; Los Altos School District, CA and others.  Click the image below to view the animation!



How To Create Your Dots

(Based on google doc about how to participate by Lorraine Leo)

Step 1.  Make a dot in Scratch or with other media. 

  • To make a dot image in Scratch:
  1.  Download Scratch
  2. Download the sample project file from the project page.
  3. Open the sample project and choose one of the sample sprites (there are sprites with different movements).
  4. Create a new costume using the paint editor. Create your own dot and sign it.
  5. Save the project into a file.  example: Newton01.sb (location name and number)
  6. If there are more than one person making sprites from your location, have them export their sprites into files (on a PC right-click , or on a Mac control-click the sprite icon).
  7. Import all of the other sprites from your location into a project. Label the project Newton.sb (your location).
  • To make a dot with other media (paint, paper, natural objects etc)
  1. Create your dot image. Sign it.

  2. Take a photograph of the dot creation. Label it example: Cambridge01.jpg (location name and number)

  3. Import the dot image files into Scratch (Click the "Choose new sprite from a file" button and select the file).  Each dot image becomes a separate sprite.

  4. Save your project. Label the project Cambridge.sb (location name)

Step 2.  Share your project. 

  1. Upload the project into your Scratch account.

  2. Add your project to the World Dot Project Gallery


Please let us know if you are interested or have questions.