In World Lunchbox Project, children in many places around the world share their favorite foods. Currently, children from Hong Kong, Mordovia in Russia, Petrola in Spain, Quezon City in the Phillippines, Sydney in Australia, Boston in the USA, and several cities in Japan have shared their favorite foods with explanations. If something on the display looks interesting, click it and it will explain about it.

  • World Lunchbox Project, May 2012

The project was displayed during the Scratch Day events in Toyota Hands-on Museum in Japan, LEAD in Hong Kong, and Powerhouse Museum in Sydney on May 19.  Thank you Edmond Hui of LEAD, Hong Kong, for proposing this wonderful project!

Wow! So many different foods there are in the world!  There must be many foods that you didn't know about!  Please write comments below and ask any questions about the foods that interest you, their ingredients, how to cook them, what they taste like, etc..  Let's find out and learn about all the different foods around the world.

Now, you can join the World Lunchbox Project online easily!  See the World Museum Online page for details.