• When:May 19, 2012
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We will have World Museum 2012 Spring as a part of the Scratch Day held at more than 120 locations in more than 40 countries around the world.  Our event will be held:

Where: Toyota Hands-on Museum

When: May 19, 2012, 10am-4pm

At this Scratch Day event, we will have the following activities:

  • World Museum showcase: We will share many Scratch projects we have created in World Museum in the past with children and adults from the local community.
    • World Friends Project (Feb, 2012): Its theme is Making Friends around the world. Hundreds of people around the world collaborated to create a large Scratch animations to express our friendship and made friends with each other.
    • World Lunchbox Project (Apr-May, 2012): Children around the world will share their favorite lunchboxes or meals in a large Scratch animation.
    • Christmas Tree Project (Dec, 2011): Animated Christmas Trees created by children from Boston and Japan.
    • Kids' Guernica Project (Nov, 2011): An animation expressing messages of peace created collaboratively by children from Japan and the USA.
    • United Nations Environmental Program Posters Project (2011)
  • World Museum Live: We will have online communication with other Scratch Day events organized by World Museum partners, including LEAD in Hong Kong, Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and Tokyo to exchange comments and ideas about our collaboration.
  • World Museum experience: participants from the local community and from around the world can experience some of the activities in World Museum, such as the World Friends Project and World Lunchbox Project. If you are interested in joining us online, please contact us.
  • Scratch workshops: workshops for beginners and for experienced Scratch users.

World Museum @ Toyota Hands-On Museum, Scratch Day 2011