We have a workshop in an event in Yokohama in February called "CANVAS WORKSHOP COLLECTION" where 70 to 80 workshops will be held for tens of thousands of children participating.  The event will take place in Keio University on Feb 25 and 26, Saturday and Sunday.

World Friends Project is the name of our workshop.  Its theme is Making Friends around the world.  The idea is to connect several groups of people in different places around the world, and we all make friends with each other by collaboratively creating a large Scratch animation.  Here are the results:

Here is how we created these:

  1. Everyone will create a simple sprite expressing her/himself. 
  2. We will integrate many sprites into a big Scratch animation (we will use an extension of Scratch with large display size).

If you would like to join this project, you can read the following, make a project with a single sprite, upload it and add to the gallery.

Guidelines: We have set a few simple guidelines for how the sprites can interact with each other:

  • As the costume, draw (or use photo of) yourself doing your favorite activity (like playing soccer or playing the piano, etc.)  Keep the size of the costume smaller than 50% of the Scratch cat.
  • Write a script so that you (the sprite) will move around the screen.  We recommend using the "move __ steps" and "turn __" blocks rather than the "go to x __ y __" blocks, so your sprite can go around the full screen and meet many friends.
  • Write a script so that when your sprite meets someone else's sprite, you greet by saying something and/or doing some actions.

How can our sprites find each other?  We need additional rules so that your sprite knows when it touches someone else's sprite.

  • In the costume, put several dots with a certain color around your body (bright pink dots on your hands and feets, etc.).
  • In the script, use a "when touching color ____" block to tell when the sprite is touching another sprite. 

It is fun and interesting to watch what happens when many sprites from different countries are interacting.

Themes: We would like to propose a few themes for our collaboration from which you can choose from.  Please design your greeting action (the action when your sprite touches someone else's sprite) differently, depending on the theme you choose:

  • Making Friends: if you choose this theme, express friendship with your greeting action.  You can wave your hands, smile, dance, or whatever and say whatever that you feel expresses friendship.
  • World Peace: express your idea of world peace with your sprite and explain the idea with your greeting action.
  • Save Energy: express your idea for saving energy with your sprite and explain the idea with your greeting action.

Here are some other animations using a large-size Scratch that we use in World Friends Project, but with different themes.  They were created by some Japanese children and children in Jackson School near Boston.

Kids Guernica Animation by Nagasaki, Florida, Aichi, Osaka and Boston.

Christmas Tree animations by children in Japan and America.

We would like to create some large Scratch animations like this one, with the theme "Making Friends".

Groups: At the moment, the following groups plan to collaborate:

We will communicate via Skype or other online communication tools and work on some large, fun Scratch animations together. 

How exciting to have children from so many different backgrounds and cultures to collaborate!  Let's have fun and great experiences together!  Let's make friends! 

Interested groups or individuals are all invited to join, too.