Fly around the world with the mouse and enjoy listening to music from different places.  Use the down arrow key to zoom in (go down) and up arrow key to zoom out (go up). 

You can contribute more music by:

  1. Record a song/music related to your community (town/city/country, etc.) sung or played by yourself or people in your community (preferably but not necessarily children) .
  2. Prepare an image (preferably of the people singing/playing the music or otherwise related to the music) 
  3. Create a Scratch project with the recorded sound and the image.  You don't need to write any script.
  4. Explain about the music, the musicians, and the community in the project note.
  5. Write a comment below with the link to the Scratch project.

 We hope to have contributions from every corner of the world!

World Music Project 2013

Harunakita - Sendai, Japan
And we are the earth - Osaka, Japan
Runner - Osaka, Japan
The Cat Goes Fiddle-i-Fee - Newton, MA
'Over in Australia' from book by Marianne Berkes - Hawkesdale P12 College, Hawkesdale, Victoria, AU
Jutlandia by Kim Larsen sung by 2A Vonsild School - Kolding, Denmark
Traditional Folk Song- sung by Ewa, Michalowo, Poland
Kumelinikumelini - Riga, Latvia
Kalokairi- sung by Karina Athens, Greece
Suwe Ora Jamu- Jawa, SMP Masehi Pekalongan, Indonesia
Grup Angklung "Cendrawasih" SMP Negeri 2 Pekalongan, Indonesia
Adhaa Semi Kittatan - Tunisia
Claire de Lune - Grades 6/7 Mr. Marshall, Castlegar, British Columbia,  Canada
Antes muerta que sencilla - Petrola, Spain.  Maria Isabel
SAV School, Bhaktapur, Nepal
MINUET from Divertimento No. 2, K.229
by W. A. Mozart- Alessandro Dulja, Borgesesia, Italy
Big Round Dance (E. Zhigalkina - A.Chait) - sung by sixth graders at Tarkhanovo  Secondary School,
Republic of Mordovia, Russia
"May tatlong bibe" - sung by Vint and Adarra from Quezon City, Philippines

Original project designed by Lorraine Leo, remix designed by Yoshiro Miyata- World Museum