Great News!! World Museum now has a theme song!!

World Museum and Women of the World collaborated in the workshop and concert "Women of the World in Nagoya - let's make music with the world!" held in the small hall of the Aichi Art and Culture Center in Nagoya, Japan, on March 23, 2015.

Through this collaboration, "World Peace Song", the theme song of World Museum was born!! Women of the World crafted the song so that many World Museum partners could join its performance by singing the loop part of the song with words to express peace they created in their own languages.

You can listen to the partners in many countries around the world singing the loop section of World Peace Song in this Scrath Project:



You can fly around the world to visit the partners on the five continents and listen to the song of world peace they sing in their own languages (and English). The partners are listed on the page.

It was great that so many partners have joined the world premier of the peace song, but what is even greater is that anyone in the world can join the song by singing in their own words to express peace in their own languages. We hope we can develop the song with many more people from around the world and that it helps us in our efforts to create a peaceful world!