This is the blog for all people involved in World Museum Project to collaborate by sharing their works, ideas, comments, and experiences, etc..


World Lunchbox Project, May 2012

May 31, 2012, by Yoshiro Miyata

In World Lunchbox Project, children in many places around the world share their favorite foods. Currently, children from Hong Kong, Mordovia in Russia, Petrola in Spain, Quezon City in the Phillippines, Sydney in Australia, Boston in the USA, and several cities in Japan have shared their favorite foods with explanations. If something on the display looks interesting, click it and it will explain about it.

World Friends Project with students from Kennesaw State University

May 23, 2012, by Yoshiro Miyata

On May 23, 2012, a group of students from Kennesaw State University visited the Toyota campus of Chukyo University and joined the World Friends Projec.   Also, we shared some other projects in World Museum, such as the World Lunchbox Project, Scratch Birthday Project, and Kids Guernica Project.

World Museum 2012 Spring - finished

May 20, 2012, by Yoshiro Miyata

We would like to thank the participants, guests and staffs, who created many interesting works in World Museum 2012 Spring held in Toyota Hands-on Museum as a part of Scratch Day 2012, on May 19th, 2012.  We are thankful to the partners in Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, Mongolia, and Hakodate, who collaborated and communicated online with us during the event.

ワールドミュージアム2012春 ありがとうございました

May 20, 2012, by Yoshiro Miyata

Scratch Day 2012 の一環として、2012年5月19日に、とよた科学体験館で開催されたワールドミュージアム2012春は、皆さんのおかげで大変充実したイベントとなりました。ありがとうございました。香港、シドニー、東京、モンゴル、はこだての会場ともオンラインでつなぎ、交流やコラボレーションを行いました。

World Museum 2012 Spring

May 7, 2012, by Yoshiro Miyata

We will have World Museum 2012 Spring as a part of the Scratch Day held at more than 120 locations in more than 40 countries around the world.  Our event will be held:


May 4, 2012, by Yoshiro Miyata