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World Studio in Chukyo 2011/10/25

October 29, 2011, by Yoshiro Miyata

ワールドスタジオ in Chukyo 第2回目は大阪のスクラッチ会の皆さんとSkypeでお話しながら、長崎とフロリダの子ども達の協同制作のキッズゲルニカ壁画を元にしたアニメーション制作に取り組みました。Ustream配信に対して、会場外からもたくさんのコメントが寄せられました。

Inter-College Collaboration Projects 2011 - Themes and Teams

October 15, 2011, by Yoshiro Miyata

As a part of World Museum Project, children in Japan (Toyota and Osaka), Boston (Jackson School) and Inner-Mongolia in China (Ehlenhot Mongolian School), and college students in four Universities (Tsuda College, Chiba Institute of Technology, Sugiyama Women's College, and Chukyo University) are collaborating to create Scratch Projects, on themes concerning global, cross-cultural and environmental issues. (Record of last year's activities)

津田塾/千葉工大/椙山/中京 大学コラボレーションプロジェクト

October 15, 2011, by Yoshiro Miyata