Purpose of the project:

To connect people living in different places around the world and to learn from each other about interesting places we live in.


US, Spain, Japan, Honduras, the Phillipines, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Inner-Mongolia, and more..
age:  8 - 15, or older

To provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with others across cultures/ age levels
to learn about the places we live in by trying to show and tell each other about them.



Procedure  (3 parts)  
creating tour/  remix tour / exchange dialog

A. Create a virtual tour of interesting places in Scratch to share with others in the group

  1. Decide what places in your area/neighborhood/country that you would like to share with others
  2. Take photographs of four or five of these places
  3. Take a photograph of yourself to create a sprite image. See sample.
  4. Create a Scratch slideshow using the images that you have selected.
  5. Add your sprite to the project.
  6. Narrate the tour by writing dialog/explanations about the photos
  7. Save  Virtual Tour_Name
  8. upload to edmodo site

B. Respond to other participants projects by remixing them/ adding questions and comments to their project.

  1. Download participants project from the Edmodo site
  2. Remix the project by adding your sprite to the project with a question or comment
  3. Save: Virtual Tour_Name_YourName
  4. Upload the project to Edmodo

C. When other participants have remixed your project adding questions and comments, try to respond to the questions, and to continue the dialogue by repeatedly remixing the projects in turn.  The original creator of the project is responsible for making it into an interesting tour of the places.

A sample script for sprite explaining about a place (A)

Sample Script for Sprite asking question (B)

Quick Summary:

  1. Take a photograph of yourself to use as a sprite.
  2. Create a slideshow tour of places that are interesting to you. Upload it to Edmodo.
  3. Download and remix other participants’ projects by adding your sprite and a question or comment to their project and upload it to Edmodo.
  4. Remix your final project to incorporate your original slideshow with all of the sprites and comments from others’.  Upload your final project to Edmodo.