Let's Celebrate Scratch's Birthday!

Scratch becomes 5 years old on the 19th of May, Scratch Day of 2012.

We all Scratchers owe a lot of good experiences and learning to Scratch.  Why not celebrate Scratch's 5th birthday?

We would like to create a large animation (we will use a modified version of Scratch with 1280x720 stage size) with birthday messages from all around the world.

We have created a sample project to illustrate what it will look like.  As in this sample project, many balloons will be floating, and if you click a balloon, it will pop and say a birthday message for Scratch.

Sample Scratch Birthday Project

Joining is easy!

If you are interested in this project, you can join by creating a balloon with your own design and your own message.

There is a sample project you can download to create your own balloon.  Please design your own balloon by editing the two costumes.  Also, write your message in the script.

Here is the scripts used in the sample project. 

Sample Script for Birthday Project

Please write your message in the "say __ for 2 secs" blocks in the script to the right.  Please include your name and your city or country.   You can use your own language or English and your own.  Also, please adjust the number of seconds so that everyone can read your message (remember that for many people your language may not be their first language).

You can also add more costumes and/or modify the scripts to express your birthday message creatively.

Please keep the general flow of the balloon's movement created by the scripts.  In the script to to the left, it starts at the bottom of the stage, floats slowly upward, disappears at the top and reappears from the bottom again.  In the script to the right, when the balloon is clicked, it will say the message and disappears for 10 seconds before it reappears.

After you create your own balloon as a sprite, please upload your project and add to the World Scratch Birthday gallery, so that we can integrate your balloon to the World Scratch Birthday Project.

We could probably fit all the sprites comfortably in one big project, if:

  • you can contribute one sprite from one person, or at most 10 sprites from a group (a school or an event).  Please put together the sprites from your group into one project, using the "Import project.." command in the "File" menu of Scratch.
  • you can keep the file size smaller than 50kb per balloon.  Please downsize large high-quality images before importing them and check the "Compress images and sounds" box when uploading.